Talent. Teamwork.

WoFo provides an innovative and powerful gig-economy staffing solution for healthcare providers. 

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Teamwork

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of New Zealand's largest and most trusted Aged care providers and it was our successful pilots with them that have allowed us hone our service to the industry and provide the specialist platform required to deliver in this important sector. 

Our relationships with these providers saw over 45,000 HCA hours placed last year, through our platform and 98.6% of those shifts filled within 2 hours and as we look to build on this great start we look forward to what the future holds for our fast growing team of over 3,000 users!   

What We Offer

We offer a Gig Economy solution to the traditional staffing bureaus that reduces costs and middle men and allows flexible and innovative roster filling. We achieve this this by utilising technology to take care of a lot of the administration side of matching staff with jobs, you could think of us as the Uberfication of healthcare bureaus, helping to deliver a better value service which allows us to pay our staff more, while costing our clients less. Up to 90% less in some cases. 

Although our technology has been the key. We understand that at it's core, this industry is about people more than dollars and statistics, and so we make sure you always have a human voice to talk to when you pick up the phone. 


Fill more shifts for less

We understand things are challenging right now. The world is a changing place and the strain on healthcare is incredible.

Let us help ease that burden and fill in the gaps where you cant. 

Complete Transparency

Know exactly what each users is being paid and what skills they bring. 

Our commitment to our clients is to build on this transparency and trust to form lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.   


Comprehensive Customer Support

With our manged service, our clients can have all the customer support they would expect from a traditional nursing bureau but with added efficiency of our Gig-economy solution. 

By understanding what is most important to deliver for each facility we can tailor our solution to best meet those needs.

Smart Work Tools

Our tech based solution is more than just a booking system. The Wofo App has a built in calendar to help our users organise their schedule, an earnings tab to help keep track of their earnings and tax obligations and even a maps API to get make sure our users get their on time. 

Built for Changing the Status Quo

When we started the Journey, the one thing that never changed for Wofo was how we would set about challenging the old ways to see if they could be made better. It didn't take us long to figure out the impact it would have on peoples lives. 

Geo Located timesheets

Dedicated booking team

Total Design

With The Right Team, Great Things Will Happen

Our founders had a vision of a more fair and equitable way for healthcare providers to find both temporary and permanent staff that could over-deliver on value and service for both the facility and the staff by reducing the agency costs that are normally associated with on call staffing solutions.

The solution was a Gig-economy platform that can instantly connect Qualified staff with with the facilities that need them. 

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