About us 

We provide a unique staffing solution for healthcare and support workers across New Zealand and allow for both on call temp staffing solutions and permanent placements.


With a pool of over 1,000 pre-qualified and peer reviewed healthcare workers on our app, we are able to fill 98.6% of shifts within 2 hours of receiving a booking request. We do this by leveraging technology to connect our growing network of HCA's, Nurses, kitchen hands, and cleaners to the facilities that need them. Our 360 degree feedback loop then provides action-oriented assessments to truly develop our people through reviews, goal tracking, and continuous development. 


Our unique and results orientated approach extends to full time placements. We offer all the usual checks such as refference checks, qualifications verification, and social media algorithms but we also offer the chance to work with the recruit for up to three months first. This helps to make sure they are the right fit for the team and culture they are working along side and removes any challenges around the 90 day trail legislation if your organisation has more than 20 employees. This allows you to be sure you are hiring the right person and best of all, the cost is a fraction of traditional recruitment fees.