For contractors using the Wofo Medstaff platform

A Brief Introduction

First things first! Welcome to WoFo Medstaff. We try to keep all the bits and pieces to a minimum, if you have any questions they might already be answered in our FAQs. Otherwise, drop us a line in chat. For our Wofo Contractors some handy links below that might be of help. 

Payment Alterations:

Sometimes your app might not correctly reflect the amount you are expecting to be paid. Perhaps the facility asks you to stay on longer, work through a break or leave early.

On the off-chance that the geo-location system doesn't work correctly, Flat phone, no Data or you left your cellphone at home. Use this form so you can inform our accounts department of the discrepancy.

Payment changes

Uniform ordering:

This form allows you to order the contractors' Wofo Medstaff Scrubs. This is the correct uniform for working in the healthcare facilities you are contracted to. It is a requirement of the facilities and a requirement of the health and safety policy of the Clients you are contracted to. You are also required to have a name badge so that patients may quickly identify you.  The Scrubs top will be embroidered with your first name. 

Uniform ordering link.