Frequently asked Questions 


Q. What is the managed service?  

A. We do things a little differently. As a share economy platform, the methodology of booking staff is different from your typical nursing bureaus.

We understand it can often be easier to pick up a phone or send an e-mail or booking form because that's what you are used to. This is why we offer the manged service to give the feel of a traditional agency and also allow payment terms. 

With the manged service, we still use the share economy system but offer a booking agent to manage the bookings and invoice on behalf of the contractors each week. 


Q. What are the fees?  

A. Most of our clients use the manged service which costs 10% of the contractor fees. To use the app directly, you can book for 5% with payment made at the time of booking. 


Q. Do you have Registered nurses on the platform?

A. Yes. We have RN's, HCA's, Kitchen staff and cleaners. 


Q. What is the shift fulfilment rate

A. We currently fill 97.6% of shifts requested through our managed service. 


Q. Do you do any background checks on the contractors? 

A. Yes. Contractors who sign up to the app are subject to MOJ checks and verification of any qualifications. The performance of each contractor is also recorded as they go to create a live reference rating. 


Q. Can I change a booking? 

A. Yes. You can cancel a booking at anytime prior to it being accepted with no costs. Once the booking has been accepted, you can still cancel up until the shift start time however the Wofo fee remains payable. 

Once the shift has started, the full cost of the shift remains payable upon cancelation. 


Q. Can I hire someone from the App? 

A. Yes. If you like a Wofo Medstaff contractor so much that you want to offer them full or time employment just let us know. If the contractor accepts employment with you, we charge a nominal fee of $990. 

You should be aware that in this instance any 90 day trail legislation is likely voided so we recommend not to rush into this.