Frequently asked Questions 


Q. What is a Gig economy platform? 

A. The sharing economy is any economic activity through a digital platform (such as a website or an app) where people share assets or services for a fee.

Popular sharing economy activities include:

  • providing ride-sharing (sometimes also known as ride-sourcing) services for a fare, through platforms such as Uber, Zoomy or Ola

  • providing short-stay accommodation including renting out a room or a whole house or unit, through platforms such as Airbnb, Bookabach or Holiday Houses

  • sharing assets, including cars, caravans/RVs, car parking spaces, storage space or personal belongings, through platforms such as Yourdrive, Mighway, Parkable, MyCarYourRental and Sharedspace

  • providing personal services, including creative or professional services like graphic design, creating websites, or odd jobs like deliveries and furniture assembly, through platforms such Pocket Jobs, Fiverr, Air Tasker, WeDo, Askatasker, Deliveroo and Mad Paws. This is sometimes referred to as the 'gig economy'.


Q. Does Wofo pay my tax automatically through the platform? 

A. No. As a user, you are responsible for your own tax obligations. You need to consider how income tax, GST and other obligations may apply to you if you earn income from these other activities.

If you need more help with your tax, we recommend you seek professional advice.


Q. Do I have to register for GST to be able to accept work? 

A. No. You are able to accept jobs and earn money on the platform without registering for GST however, If you're providing personal services through a digital platform such as Wofo, you must register for GST if you earn more than $60,000 from all taxable activities including providing personal services in any 12-month period.

If you’re already GST-registered, you can select that option in your App profile. Also, If you're GST-registered, you can claim GST for expenses related to your business.


Q. How do I earn money on the App? 

A. Once your profile is set up on the system you will be visible to facilities with your set catchment area. You may then get offers to work certain shifts which you can accept or decline through the app.

Once a shift is completed, you will see it in your earnings tab on the app which means it is available to be paid on the next pay cycle. Currently, Contractors are paid on Wednesday for shifts completed the prior week (Monday-Sunday) 


Q. How much does it cost? 

A. The Wofo app is free for contractors to download and create a profile. The only charge for contractors is a 5% usage charge on money earned via the platform. 


Q. How much does it pay? 

A. It depends. As a contractor, you set your fees! this creates micro labour markets and lets supply and demand determine the best rate for each shift. Typically these rates are higher than you might expect as an employee or through an agency. 

Obviously, lower rates are more attractive to the facilities so you are more likely pick up shifts at lower. For more advise on rates you can contact us. 


Q. Are there minimum hours I need to work? 

A. No. You are not obligated to accept any shifts offered to you


Q. Can I work for others while working through Wofo? 

A. Yes. Many of our users are employed elsewhere or use other agencies.


Q. Do I need a uniform?

A. No. However, you will need to dress appropriately. You are able to buy scrubs with your name embroidered through Wofo when you have signed up if you need them.