Our Story 

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Our founders had a vision of a more fair and equitable way for healthcare providers to find both temporary and permanent staff that could over-deliver on value and service for both the facility and the staff by reducing the agency costs that are normally associated with on call staffing solutions.

In 2018 we presented this solution and have had some amazing success working with our founding partners with over 15,000 HCA hours placed last year, and 98.6% of those shifts filled within 2 hours. 
We achieve this this by utilising technology to take care of a lot of the administration side of matching staff with jobs, you could think of us as the Uber of healthcare bureaus, helping to deliver a better value service which allows us to pay our staff more, while costing our clients less. Up to 90% less in some cases. 

Although our technology has been the key to understand that at it's core, this industry is about people more than dollars and statistics, and so we make sure you always have a human voice to talk to when you pick up the phone.